Thanks for thinking of Expedition One for your vehicle project build! Although we receive many sponsorship requests, we try to help with as many as we can. Here are some things to consider that will help your request stand out:

We are looking for opportunities that will help bring Expedition One products positive exposures and specific endorsements of what Expedition One products do for you: replace stock parts, better protection for vehicle, four-wheeling enjoyment, etc

  • Specific numbers of people you reach and through what mediums or outlets
  • Large social media followings and visible track record working with other companies/products
  • Editorial (print/online) content that shows how the product is being used or is featured in some way
  • Your vehicle will be boothed in your company or a partnering companies booth at industry specific events.

While we will ask for decal placement on vehicle(s), stickers by themselves does not bring enough value to your request.

Please visit the following link if you think you would make a great candidate for becoming a Brand Ambassador