COVID19 + Lead Times

At Expedition One we are currently in the process of taking steps to improve our turnaround times across the board as demand for our products continue to grow. We hope to be seeing major improvements with upgrades to our systems taking shape in 2021. In the meantime, we do our best to estimate the lead time of your product at the time of order but please understand the process can fluctuate and unanticipated delays can occur. We understand that many of our customers have trips and events planned that they hope to have product in time for and we do our best to meet timelines whenever possible. Recently we have experienced more delays than usual in getting some supplies and parts in stock and see some of our subcontracted services taking longer than usual however these delays are typically minor and not contributing to what we would consider to be major delays in lead times or outside of normal fluctuations. 

We are committed at Expedition One to the ongoing health and safety of our employees and following state mandates and guidelines in response to COVID-19 and follow strict protocol in quarantine procedures for employees to reduce spread of Covid-19 to our staff and community. A quarantine period of even one individual can effect our turnaround times, so we do ask that you please demonstrate patience and understanding as we process orders in the most efficient and safe manner possible. If we are expecting delays outside of normal fluctuations we will contact you. Our staff are committed to providing you with timely and honest updates as we continue to improve processes. Your respectful communications regarding your order is appreciated as we work hard to get you a high quality product!