Copies of our installation guides may be found at:

We do our best to offer timely assistance with your installation questions however as most of our team members are primarily engaged in the manufacturing process and packaging processes, we do not currently offer a tech for on-demand calls and inquiries. For the more technical installs or installs that are time-sensitive in nature, we would recommend our customers seek out the services of professional shops with experience specific to aftermarket bumpers that can better meet your particular needs. We are happy to make recommendations to you on shops familiar with our products in your area.

We do our best to respond to installation questions within 24-48 hours of contact as much as possible. Long-distance problem assessment can be difficult, so photos and videos are often required in order for us to best assist you. We highly recommend your initial contact regarding installation questions include both close and full photos, detailed descriptions using our part descriptions as much as possible, and video. This enables us to better assist without having the ability to see the install difficulties directly and assist you as quickly as possible.

Tech Questions with accompanying photos and videos should be sent to:

[email protected] with Tech Help in the subject line.