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Toyota Tundra 2007-2013 Dual Swing-Out Rear Bumper

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Part Number: TT07-13-RB-DSTC
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Introducing the new Expedition One dual swing-out rear bumper with our innovative, patent-pending locking latch system! An intuitive new way to open and close your swing arms with ease and reliability.

These carriers can be locked into place when fully opened providing the flexibility needed for overlanding and off-roading, and the ease of access you want in your daily driver. Our additional mounting options provide further customization to create the perfect setup for your outdoor adventuring needs.

Available Mounting Accessory Options

  • Hi-Lift Mount
  • Hi-Lift/Pul Pal Mount
  • Expedition One Geri Fuel/Water Mount & Latch
  • Scepter/NATO Fuel Can Mount (does not currently work with water cans)
  • Spare Tire Mount (recommended up to 37" tire)


  • Patent-Pending locking latch system design that offers an intuitive and easy way to access your truck
  • Universal plate backing on swing arms for limitless mounting configurations
  • Weighs approx. 220lbs
  • Additional Expedition One mounting products for spare tire, hi-lift, geri /scepter/NATO cans, TREDs/Maxtrax, etc
  • Holds up to a 40" tire with certain wheel/tire combinations (recommended size: up to a 37" tire)
  • Quick access to arm bearings for easy maintenance
  • Rear winch-capable up to 10k lbs
  • Comprised of 3/16" and 1/4" inner structure and a 3/16" thick outer skin
  • 100% Designed & Made here in the U.S.A
*Certain wheel/tire combinations may not fit the tire carrier such as the OEM spare wheel/tire.
*Current delivery dates on bumpers range from 12-16 weeks depending on hoop, finish, and tire carrier variations. Delivery dates are an estimate only and not guaranteed. We highly recommend customers wait until they have product in hand to schedule installations. All cancellations are required in writing and will incur a 10% re-stock fee and any applicable packaging and shipping fees. Please review terms and conditions for details.

* Please note that model years equipped with the blindspot monitor may not function with an aftermarket bumper due to the monitors capability to sense through steel.


60" jack will fit on the hi-lift/pullpal combo we just don't recommend it due to the height of the jack once mounted---it will sit approx 2' over back of truck.
hi-lift/pul pall can be mounted on either side of arm depending on configuration you are looking for.
Blind Spot Monitors--these will not work with any aftermarket bumpers

Trailer plug
'07-13 stock set up mounts below vehicle--we make adjust design to relocate it in future models
14+ mounts flush with bumper

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