WELCOME to the Expedition One Team! Attached you will find helpful information regarding your purchase, please read through it as soon as possible as well as your Owner’s Manual for important information about the care and maintenance of your Expedition One products. 

 Lead Times At Expedition One we have been in the process of adding to our team by means of people and equipment to improve our turnaround times across the board as demand for our products continues to grow. We do our best to estimate the lead time of your product at the time of order but please understand the process can fluctuate and unanticipated delays can occur. We understand that many of our customers have trips and events planned that they hope to have product in time for and we do our best to meet timelines whenever possible. Our staff are committed to providing you with timely and honest updates with the current status of your order in the production process. These updates are provided by automated updates and by email request only. While our customer service staff can offer general status information, requesting a status update by phone is not the preferred method as product status can fluctuate and customer service staff do not always have the most up-to-date information available; we encourage you to utilize the order status email ([email protected]) and wait to receive automated updates as the best source of status information. We continue to experience delays and shortages with material and components, staffing, and with contracted service providers that can contribute to longer than projected lead times. We appreciate your patience and your respectful communications during these as we work hard to get you a high quality product! 

 Status Updates Automated updates will be provided as your order progresses through the fabrication process, allowing you ample time to plan for receiving and installing your product. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder for updates! If you would like a status update or have a question about the current status please email: [email protected] 

 Orders are run in batch processes for the most timely delivery of product and your order may remain in one status for a longer period of time and go through several other stages more quickly. These stages are an estimate and general reflection of lead times only. Orders are run in batch processes for most timely product delivery and your order may remain in one status for a longer period of time and go through several other stages more quickly. All stage times can vary depending on sales volume, time of year, material availability, and unforeseen delays including staffing shortages. In the event a quality issue is found, your product may move back to a previous step. Custom orders are not applicable to the standard processes and lead times 

 Shipping & Freight Services Many of our products require LTL Freight shipping services. Expedition One is not a freight service nor does it have its own line of freight carriers. Because this is not a commonly used service for residential deliveries, we have developed relationships with reputable carriers who cover a wide array of regions. Customers are always welcome to provide their own freight services or a carrier of their choice should they prefer to handle their own freight delivery or can pick up their order at our Ogden, UT location. Important Tips in Receiving your Freight Shipment: 

  • Make sure we have accurate phone and email contact information; this info will be used to contact you to schedule delivery of your product 
  • Make sure your delivery address is accurate. Any changes to a destination after an order has shipped will incur additional charges and require re-quotation for the delivery and written approval from Ex1 to the freight company. Because you are not the shipper you will be unable to change the delivery address directly with the freight company.
  • Be sure to keep your delivery appointment, the freight company will charge you additional fees for missed appointments and/or storage fees if they are unable to deliver to you at your scheduled appointment 
  • Check your package for signs of damage and make sure any signs of damage is noted on the delivery receipt before you sign for the package. Some freight companies are now doing contactless delivery but a driver should still be present and you will have the opportunity to request that any damage be noted. This is important should you open your package and find damage requiring a claim. 
  • Report any damage or missing parts right away. Expedition One will advocate on your behalf for any repair or replacement costs. Accounting for all Parts and Components
  • There are a lot of parts that go into the finished product and there may be several boxes containing different hardware, brackets, etc. Make sure you go through all boxes and clear through all the packaging to check for parts in case anything came loose in the shipping process. We document all parts shipped out so if you think you are missing a part please contact us so we can review our documentation.
  • Missing parts must be reported within 5 days of receiving your shipment. Please be sure to check your tracking info and/or memo section of your invoice for backorder parts notices before reaching out.
  • We recommend you wait to schedule your install until after you have checked that you have all your parts. Because small parts and components can be in backorder status due to circumstances beyond our control, we do not cover costs to overnight or expedite parts that may not have been included in your original shipment. We do not cover any install/shop costs or vehicle downtime costs so it is important that you wait to ensure you have all the parts needed to successfully complete your installation. 

 INSTALLATION TIPS We do our best to offer timely assistance with your installation questions however as most of our team members are primarily engaged in the manufacturing process and packaging processes, we do not currently offer on-demand tech support. We do our best to respond to installation questions within 24-48 hours of contact as much as possible. Long-distance problem assessment can be difficult so photos and videos are often required in order for us to best assist you. We highly recommend your initial contact regarding installation questions include both close up and full photos, detailed descriptions using our part descriptions as much as possible, and video. This enables us to better assist without having the ability to see the install difficulties directly and assist you as quickly as possible. For more technical installs or installs that are time-sensitive in nature, we would recommend our customers seek out the services of professional shops with experience specific to aftermarket bumpers that can better meet your particular needs. We are happy to make recommendations to you on shops familiar with our products in your area. Tech Questions with accompanying photos and videos should be sent to: [email protected] i Install Tips: 

  • Review the install guides in advance to assess skill level. A rating system is provided to help you make an assessment. Install instructions can be found under the Resources and Install Guides Tab on our site: expeditionone.com and review an install video on our YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyptkLzxPmzfpefmK9rHD4Q or Vimeo pages: https://vimeo.com/user8693353 
  • Get a friend to help. Heavy lifting will be happening. 
  • Don't tighten up too fast. Keep things loose working from side to side to get the fit just right for your vehicle and then when you have it in place go ahead and get everything tight 
  • Use anti-seize on your hub covers! You want to be able to get into your hub assembly to access your bearings and grease seal when it comes time to replace them. 
  • Keep an eye on things. Especially after your first good off-road adventure...go back through and re-tighten. Check your tire carriers frequently. Rattles and squeaks can be indicators that things need to be re-tightened or the bearings in your hub assembly need to be replaced. Sharing We love to see photos from your adventures and ask your permission to share them on our social media pages. 

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